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Behavioral Health

Integrated Care for Body and Mind

We recognize that all aspects of health are interrelated, and we understand the importance of caring for the whole person. Our behavioral health services help people of all ages to address a wide range of behavioral and psychiatric conditions through a caring and comprehensive approach that’s integrated with the rest of your medical care.

Our Behavioral Health Services Include:

  • Behavioral Health: Adult Outpatient Care

    Adult outpatient behavioral health services include diagnostic evaluations, individual, family and group therapies, medication management, and follow-up treatment for adults with a wide variety of behavioral and psychiatric conditions.

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  • Behavioral Health: Child/Adolescent Outpatient Care

    Outpatient child and adolescent behavioral health program provides a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services, programs and support groups for children and adolescents (up to age 18) and their families, for a wide variety of conditions including anxiety and fears, adjustment disorders, depression, trauma, grief and reactions to chronic and acute illness, family dysfunction, bipolar illness and other mood disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders and other social learning deficits, ADHD, OCD, developmental delays and more.

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  • Behavioral Health: Crisis Care

    Our Behavioral Health Crisis Team is available at the Day Kimball Hospital Emergency Department 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide expert, compassionate care to individuals of all ages who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis.

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  • Behavioral Health: Inpatient Care

    Our inpatient behavioral health program at Day Kimball Hospital provides short-term intensive inpatient care for individuals who have voiced or demonstrated an intent to hurt themselves or others, or who behave in a manner that is considered gravely disabled.

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